Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knitting Trek

The RNC (Republican Nat'l Convention) in town last week left me with a massive emotional hangover.
The energy in town was toxic--and I don't mean to point fingers at people's politics, I just mean the emotions of anger and fear were running high. I witnessed it in agitated conversations on the bus, at the coffeeshop, in the blogosphere--it seeped all over.
It was not humanity at its best.
But googling "Star Trek knitting" has cheered me up by reminding me of how playful and fun we can be, when teargas isn't involved.

I can't recall a single knitted item from classic Star Trek (though some of the women's costumes seem like crocheted nets...), or any of the follow-up series I've seen either; but hey, that doesn't stop knitters!

These photos are from the blog Josie Knits, where you can find the pattern to make your own knitted Spock ears! They've become kinda famous, in the world where things such as knitted Spock ears could gain fame. My kind of world.

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