Monday, September 15, 2008

Magic Hat

Speed-knitter Twisted Rib has made me a Jayne hat!!! It took her 20 minutes!
I lie. Two days.
But only because she had to start over halfway through: she says she "cast on too many stitches," if that means anything to you.

I am going to position myself in front of the mail slot until my hat arrives.

Here is TR's photo of my favorite terrier I have never met, modeling my hat. The hat will have double magic: Jayne energy and terrier energy!
Triple--everything is more magic when it's a gift.


momo said...

The young man wearing the Jayne hat in that picture bears an uncanny likeness to someone I know. Must be Norwegian.

fresca said...

Huh! I've never met TR outside the blogosphere (which makes the gift even better!), so I don't have any idea, but those Vikings sure got around, eh? : )

evve said...

Well the young man in question's father's Cypriot which is not Norwegian. But I'm blonde and blue eyed and have Viking ancestry (amongst a great deal else - including Mohawk!). Aren't mongrel genes wonderful.

Krista said...

You two make me ridiculously happy. Clearly, my work here is done.

fresca said...

My father, whose parents were from Sicily, always used to tell us as children:
"You are related to everyone in the world because everyone came through Sicily."

When I grew up I was surprised to see that he wasn't telling us a fairy tale--even the Vikings left their genetic material on the island.
But seems they didn't get to Cyprus?

Krista: You are the weaver of good things.

Anonymous said...

What was it I said once about we're all from one great big Mishpucha/"family/tribe"? Wow, maybe I could have a conversation with your papa! I got a similar feeling about my sense of heritage, such as it is, when I lived and traveled in Greece, Turkey, England, Australia and back here to Turtle Island, even sounds in languages that are similar like some Hebrew and Ojibwe words. Something about all these islands and we're all part of Gondwanaland/Pangea makes me hold out a little bit of hope that we'll start recognizing and affirming our relatedness in healthy, life-sustaining ways. Thanks for your part in it all!

Love and Solidarity and Swim Bravely,