Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apples & Honey

Rosh Hashanah began yesterday at sundown, and after filming, Denise (left, Helen of Troy), Allan (Menelaus), and I ate apples and honey (a couple hours early) to launch a sweet and fruitful new year.

We shot in the inner courtyard of the art museum--closed on Mondays--where there's a modern, minimalistic Greek temple--perfect background for The Glum Couple.

I got some great shots for The Making Of.

I have Helen hold a golden delicious apple--a reference to how her fate was sealed: she was the prize Paris won by awarding a golden apple to Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess.
In my movie, after Paris comes along and yanks Helen out of the frame, the apple was supposed to roll across the ground and come to rest at Menelaus's feet.
Turns out, as you know, apples aren't round so they don't roll straight.
Eventually we got it right, with much laughter.

The rest of the shots went really well.
It's fascinating to see how each of my friends has a different acting style.
Denise said, "Just tell me what to do and I'll do it."
Allan, however, wanted my interpretation of the character's actions. I'd thought that all through so I had the answers.

I'd read that most of the work of making a film comes before you shoot any film, and that's proving true.
The main thing I need to work on is giving the actors clear directions. I mean geographical directions as much as anything. I was never good at that, from way back in kindergarten.
I'm going to write "Actors' Right" on my left hand and "Actors' Left" on my right.

Later today Bink and I are shooting the first Fly footage!
But now I have an index to finish.

May your coming year be juicy!

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