Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The "Love Me Tender" Elvis Wedding Package!

Be still my heart! I logged on to the Las Vegas Hilton hotel site to figure out how to get there from the airport tomorrow (I am a very last-minute-if-at-all travel planner), and I found their wedding-info site.

I was sorta kidding when I wrote that I wanted to get married to a Klingon by an Elvis impersonator, but it turns out that this Elvis package is actually available at the Las Vegas Hilton, where the Star Trek con is happening and I am staying!!!

OMG, Surely I'll meet *someone* in a costume who'll want a Britney Spears (god bless her) wedding. Which is to say, something highly annul-able.

I generally like to leave town with my life in order, bathroom cleaned, and all that, but tonight I am deliriously watching Star Trek online at CBS and making pin-on buttons from the photos I printed up.

I am sooooo excited, I will not be able to sleep, so I will probably stay up and clean the bathroom and balance my checkbook after all...
This is going to be soooo much fun, and I haven't had fun in years.

So, marry me?


Anonymous said...

you are so damned amazing! If I weren't/wasn't__(edit me, please: I'm never sure which of these is correct , and I haven't figured out how to communicate with my grammarian mom in the beyond, so she can help me with these situations!)-- so boringly, god-damned monogamous, I'd hie mes'f ta Vegas and marry ye, I would--AAARRRH...With a parrot on me shoulder "n' all. For some reason I feel like talking like a pirate at the moment..Too much organizing and partying with my neighbors at NNO--which was a hoot!--and too many Monty Python references for me to be straight. Ah well, i wish ye the best me matey and I do await and pray for your safe and happy return from your adventures in the inland sea of sin and vice and Star Trek.

Buen viaje y Molto Interessante, Capitana!



ddip said...

What a hoot! I'd always said that if I were ever to get married, it would be by an Elvis impersonator, but it turns out I'm going to San Francisco instead to be married by the City Clerk.

Are these two women getting married to each other? it's kinda ambiguous, even though I know same-sex marriage isn't legal in Vegas (YET!).

Have a SWELL time! (the bathroom will clean itself while you're gone, you know)

fresca said...

Multo interessant indeed!
I'm too tired to write more, but I love your notes, S &D.