Monday, August 18, 2008

Joop Joins the Star Trek Crew!

Bink has posted her very own, first Star Trek spoof!
Starring, of course, her little dog, Joop.

I am so tickled to think that my own vids have inspired someone else, equally demented, to make one.
The more the merrier! Or is that terrier...?
Go, Bink, go!


Jennifer said...


(The music was perfect too! I'm still giggling!)

Anonymous said...

mmm...aaaarrff-aaarrrff! How wonderful! So glad the dialogue was in English, it went by so fast. Am I slowing down in middle age? Congratulations, Bink and thanks for sharing, Fresca!



deanna said...

Wonderfully fluffy and good. I wonder how you both get pictures for your vids with just the right expressions on the Enterprise crewmembers' faces...Congrats to Joop, as well.

Rudyinparis said...

I laughed out loud! "And I'll make him wee Cornish pastries!" Too much!

fresca said...

This stuff is so much fun!
I love that other people think so too.

Stef--you are not alone--the long Spock sentences go by a bit too fast, I think too. It's hard to know how to set the speed, I know from experience. As you say, at least it's modern English (not 17th cent., like mine...)

Deanna--the pix come from, which has still photos from like, every 10 seconds? of each episode, so it's not too hard to find these gems--though it does take a lot of time. Still, it's a blast, and you see how extremely expressive Shatner especially is, making him a great target for spoofing and/or worshipping. : ) (I guess I'd have to say I appreciate both equally.)