Friday, August 29, 2008

I wish I liked McCain's politics...

...because sometimes I sure like his style.
Choosing Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as v.p. is right out of Call of the Wild. I gotta love it.
But I don't like his politics. (Nor, as Momo queries in a comment, hers.)

In reality, these commando types aren't suited for democratic leadership roles:
Do I love Captain Kirk?
You know I do.
Would I vote for him for president?


momo said...

How about HER politics? anti-abortion, militantly anti-LGBT, creationist, no experience (REALLY no experience)?

fresca said...

Right! I don't like the whole package. I just like the panache.

Jennifer said...

It does add some immediate pizazz to the whole race, doesn't it? It's an interesting rhetorical choice for sucking some of the air out of Obama's "historic moment" energy as well. But yeah, like Momo says, I don't think too many women who would have voted for Hillary are going to be sucked in by the fact that this person happens to have two X chromosones and ignore her politics, which are truly appalling, a total sop to the far-far-right wing (supports a total ban on all abortions, no exceptions for rape or incest? My goodness).

I resent the media mentioning that she chose not to abort her last child, the one with Down's Syndrome, as if no pro-choice woman would do the same. That's nothing to do with her per se, just I'm amazed to see that sort of assumption floating out there.

But I do have to admit to a certain frisson of thrill at realizing that no matter what happens (and no matter what a disaster I feel it would be for the country if her ticket wins) a major barrier is going to be broken this November...

deanna said...

Yes, well, hm. I appreciate the info. from Momo, and yet I'm pretty well stumped regarding November. I did like McCain's style, until I saw the way he lost his cool during a debate - it looked kinda mean, not Capt. Kirkish at all. And I tend to lean to the right, but it looks like not as far as the lady from the Wild state. I'll be happy for the people who'll be happy if Obama wins, and I'll just hope he lives up in some small way to all the expectations. It would be tough for anybody.

bink said...

I have a friend who was a book store employee years ago--and at the time favorably disposed towards McCain. McCain came to his store as part of a speaking tour, and he was appalled by how McCain treated all the "little people" around him--the store employees, his staff, etc. He said McCain was snotty, bad-tempered, demanding, and totally full of himself the minute he was out of the public eye. McCain lost not only my friend's support but his good will that day...and by extension, people like me who trust my friend's judgement. And judging from news reports, my friend's experience was hardly outside the norm--McCain's bad temper is legendary.

fresca said...

Jennifer: Yeah, that' it--it adds a little pizzazz. For all his rhetoric about "Change" Obama is really a company man. Not the worst company, but still, I'm surprised how dewy eyed people get about his hype.

It is pathetic and tragic the way abortion is seen as such a black and white issue.
Have you read Martha Beck's book about choosing her son Adam? She knew when she was pregnant that he had Down sydrome, and she is totally pro-choice, but she was shocked at how many people at Harvard where she was getting a PhD pushed her to get an abortion.

Deanna and Bink--I too think McCain's anger is a real problem.

fresca said...

I looked it up: "Expecting Adam," (1992) by Martha Beck. I like her a lot--she's really good with the multiple layers of reality.