Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Pastiche of Leftover Star Trek Silliness

These frames below are leftover bits of something I didn't include in an earlier piece, but thought were silly enough to save and share. (That's the official story. But really, you know how hard it is to throw out something you like, even if it's not quite right.)

The set up is that I was talking about how I see Spock and Kirk differently than I did when I was a kid, when it was Spock's emo/angst that appealed to me. Now I enjoy the ripe for parody, silly, sexy life-force of the show more, but...

I don't know what to call this sort of media construction--I assume there's a name for it when you create new dialogue, like "bite me."

And also a name for using still images instead of moving ones... which is a form I like a lot.
It frees you from the problem of knowing what the characters are really saying when their mouths move, even if you turn off the sound and write new subtitles.
Since most viewers are fans, one assumes they know too.
Stills work well, though you have to keep enough action going somehow through pacing or something so that it doesn't get too still... A good example of this form is the LOLcat translation of The Trouble with Tribbles.

If you know the names, tell me, otherwise I'm looking to Henry Jenkins (I just added his blog to my list: "Confessions of an Aca/Fan" = "academic fan").
[Ah, I like Krista's suggestion of "pastiche."]

I'm not working on a youTube production at this time, having rather exhausted myself in that form in July.)


Krista said...

You can call this several things: mashup. Remix. Or, if you want to get all Frenchified Pomo theoretical, pastiche.

Google ahoy!

fresca said...

Oui, oui, mais bien sur! Le pastiche du Star Trek!
Merci beaucoup, Krista!