Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arugula or Grizzly Bears?

"Arugula-flavoured politics."
That's what the Economist (8/23) calls Barack Obama's brand of politics.

Seems McCain's veepchoice has grizzly bear-flavored politics.

But before we sneer at Sarah Palin for eating moose burgers (if we're so inclined), we might ask ourselves,
Who am I to sneer? Can I honestly say I can distinguish between capers and pickled nasturtium seed pods?

Btw, lest I have been unclear:
I support Obama.
(Good reason #1: health care reform.)
I just don't think the sun rises and sets on him.

And arugula?
Love it! But turnip greens are much cheaper.

[Image via Michelle Malkin, conservative journalist/blogger. It refers to Obama complaining in a small Iowa town about the price of arugula at Whole Foods, an elitist grocery chain that did not have a store in this town.]


bink said...

Love the poster...very high quality graphics...I didn't know the Republicans ever had such high (arty) production values. :)

Love the way Obama caresses the arugula.

fresca said... has a great spread of hot/cool graphics --including a "McCain is my homeboy" design...
This is not our father's Chevrolet...