Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spaced, with "Scotty" (Simon Pegg)

Bookworm alerts me to a UK show I have never heard of: Spaced, written by and starring the fantastic Simon Pegg (and Jessica Stevenson, who I don't know, but if Simon likes her...).

It's from 1999-2001 but turns out the DVD is due to be released in the US on July 22, as in 5 days from now! (And Fox made a US version, but I guess it flopped?)

In the meantime, you can watch the first episode on youTube here:
Spaced, episode 1.

(I haven't even watched it yet. It's not sci-fi, it's about two strangers sharing a flat. Here's the description on Wikipedia.)

A couple funny coincidences:
Bookworm mentioned Spaced because she had never heard anyone speak the phrase I put in Uhura's mouth in my 3rd vid--"What am I, chopped liver?"--except on that show.*

Then, did you all know Simon Pegg (of the gloriously funny Shaun of the Dead and the not-quite-as-good-but-still-very-good Hot Fuzz) is playing Scotty in the forthcoming new Star Trek movie?
Which is genius casting.

The movie, which will be Star Trek XI, is due out May 9, 2009, and I gather it's about the young Kirk, Spock, and friends...maybe at Starfleet Academy? (Shades of Harry Potter at Hogwarts?)
It's all guarded like Vulcan secrets, but that's the buzz.

*I didn't know anything about the phrase, so I googled it. "Ask the Rabbi" says:
As far as I know, the origins of the phrase are not Yiddish; I believe the phrase was originally coined in America. Being that chopped liver was always considered a side dish and not a main course, the phrase is used to express hurt and amazement when a person feels he has been overlooked and treated just like a "side dish."


Manfred Allseasons said...

wha??? Spaced is not known over there? Its years old, and rather excellent. There were two series, er, seasons, and some heavy sci-fi/movie referencing for those that seek such things. Also, one episode has a Resident Evil tribute which is the prototype of Shaun of the Dead....

fresca said...

Well, *I* didn't know it anyway, but I'm not very up on television, not even owning one.
(I do know "Red Dwarf" though, so I'm not totally out of the UK sci-fi comic loop.)
I will have to sign up on Netflix again and watch "Spaced" on DVD when it's released, since I am one of those who seek heavy sci-fi/movie referencing, yes indeedy.

(Speaking of which, I saw your nonexistent friend the Loch Ness monster in the new but sadly lame "Journey to the Center of the Earth" the other night.)

Bookworm said...

There's a great episode in Series Two revolving around Simon Pegg's issues with Jah Jah Binks and the new Star Wars movies (also featuring the excellent Bill Bailey as comic shop owner Bilbo Bagshot).

Hope you enjoy it!

PS I have finally put a new post on my blog!

bink said...

Thank God I don't live in England because I would spend way too much time watching television if I did! As it is my Netflix is loaded up with British series...image what a blob I would become if I had a nightly rotation of favorites I followed at the times they were originally aired. I would have no life! Thank God contemporary American TV is so lousy it never much tempts me (ok I had a brief flirtation with Family Guy, but I'm over it). Turns out I'd already had "Spaced" in my waiting for release queue on Netflix. I've now moved it closer to the top, so it's ready to roll...more addiction waiting to happen.

Manfred Allseasons said...

That Loch Ness Monster...we in the UK made him what he is, and yet he spends all his time in Hollywood, like Jude Law.

I mean, keep Jude Law, obviously, but send Nessie back before the end of August, if possible...I'm taking a camera and everything!

fresca said...

Bookworm: I am so happy to see you back! And thanks for this tip.

Bink: Invite me over when you get this on DVD!

Manfred: No way! You can have Jude Law back. We have enough beautiful but dim ones of our own.
We are keeping Nessie. (But I thought "he" was a she? Nessie, I mean.)