Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scroll on Past...

...if you've seen it. (I'm not ready to see it disappear to the bottom of the pile yet.)


Anonymous said...

I could watch this 50 times and it still would be one of the best!

PS: peek at miscellany....I think my blog has had a wicked voodoo spell imbedded in its inner workings. If I can't do this simple operation how will I
EVER do my own movie video????????????

Deanna said...

Oh my, that's funny. I finally had time to watch it. The complete poem's quite, er, racey, indeed. Not sure I get the terms fanvid and other references, and I guess I'm prudish in many ways, but your "vids" make me laugh out loud! Great work.

fresca said...

After watching this probably 100 times, probably, as I put it together, it still makes me laugh!
That's a testimony to the gleeful silliness inherent in Star Trek.

Barrett: I do not get it! We DID upload a youTube on your computer--what happened??? Computers!

Deanna: I actually have thought of writing a little glossary, because a lot of these terms are new to me too!
"Fanvid" means a video made my a fan (of something like Star Trek or Harry Potter, etc. etc. etc.).
"Fanfic" is fiction written by fans.
Sometimes it's sexual, to one degree or another. I'm not into the sexually graphic stuff--I actually prefer the funny/silly side of it, or the deeply romantic, or even philosophical.
I just wrote about "Rocky Horror" in my next post, which mixes it all up.
Thanks for writing!

Deanna said...

Thanks for the glossarial help. I, too, saw Rocky Horror way back when (guess everyone did), and now I ought to view it again (without everyone around me throwing toast).