Monday, July 14, 2008

Everybody Joop, now!

Calloooo, calleee! Oh happy day!
Bink has posted her first video on youTube!!! It's of her little stinker wire-haired fox terrier, Joop. Taken with her digital camera.
(YouTube hasn't loaded the display image yet, but I'm tooooo eager to post it on GuGeo to wait!) Go, Binky, go!


poodletail said...

A star is born!

Rudyinparis said...

That is one cute dog.

Bink's directorial debut is stunning. The subtlety of the narrative! The interplay between owner/dog as a symbol of the crumbling Capitalist state... The pacing, leading to the final denouement... Well, I for one am speechless. Bravo!

fresca said...

I do believe the Binster is working on a video of greater proportions.

Rudy--you have a fine eye for cinematic subtleties, I see! : )
Surely the auteur's sitting on an unstable ball is a metaphor for the wobbly economy, indeed.