Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cheese Horses

Bink took this photo of these cheese horses wedged in a shop window in Cefalu, Sicily, last spring.

Have you noticed wanting things less as you get older? (I mean less possessions, less stuff, not a general lessening of desire.)
I didn't mind at all that we walked past this cheese shop during siesta, when it was closed, so we couldn't buy any.

Not that I don't adore gifties!!!
I'm back at home after two weeks housesitting, and the house owner, knowing I don't want any stuff, kindly brought me a pound of coffee from her time in Costa Rica.
Still, eating a cheese horse would be a pleasure. Maybe one day I'll get back. But I'm far more likely to get back to Wisconsin, so I'll just enjoy them cheese critters.


ddip said...

I was just reading about crema fritta in the food section of the NY Times this morning. Did you see that on any of the menus in Sicily? it shows up in Chinese and Spanish cuisines too and can be either sweet or savory; at first, I thought "How ridiculous," but then when I read thru the recipes, I reconsidered. "I'm gonna try this!"

Rudyinparis said...

ddip, I saw that, too. I actually just saw the headline, something like "Milk--fried and crunchy" or something along those lines that seemed, at first blush, to be disgusting. I will return to it during my lunch break.

Fresca, I have noticed that as an adult I don't buy candy at every opportunity. As a kid, I always thought that was a MAJOR perk of adulthood--the freedom to buy Alexander the Grapes at will.

bink said...

In response to ddip: that I know of, we never had crema fritta in Sicily. But we certainly had fried cheese...and honestly where is the line between fried cheese and fried cream? Perhaps some of what I thought of as fried soft cheese was actually fried cream. In either case what we had fell in the savory/appetizer catagory.

We did see numerous ads for frozen ready-made fried cheese on Italian TV. They were sort of like frozen french fry ads over here--no happy family meal is complete without fried cheese!

Given the MN love for fried cheese curds I would say Crema Fritta --on a stick--could be the next big thing at the State Fair!

Sal said...

How I should love a wombat made of cheese.

I guess I must still be in the throes of youth, as I am yet to feel my lust for stuff diminish. Or am I just a materialistic twerp? On second thought, don't answer that.

ddip said...

Crema Fritta on a Stick, now THAT'S hilarious! The French have a fried cheese tradition too, so I am curious to see if there's a difference between the two (fried cheese vs fried milk).

fresca said...

They DO have fried cheese curds at the State Fair. But they aren't on a stick.

Sal: A wombat made of cheese would truly be heaven.

Btw, I did not mean to claim some sort of enlightenment. Far from it!
Anyone who still wants her food to look like bunny rabbits (i.e. me) is obviously highly materialistic in the most ridiculous ways---which is how I like it.
There's something so attractive about things that are shaped like something they are not.