Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vulcan Politics

Equating political candidates with heroes is dangerously sentimental and generally I eschew it.
Nevertheless, this post, Is Obama a Secret Vulcan? by Henry Jenkins, with the graphic (left) from Cafe Press "Politics for the Star Trek Fan" amused me.
Krista (Thinkery) sent it to me, and it helped maintain my sanity here in the Milwaukee airport, waiting with a crushing headache to fly home after a weekend with relatives...
(Helped too to drown out the repeated "homeland security" warning: "If a stranger approaches you about carrying a foreign object..." Like, a tribble?)

I don't think a Vulcan would make a good US president--look at what a crummy job Spock did with the Galileo 7 (until the last minute, when his irrational human side took over). Still, he's got to be better than McCain!


bink said...

Did you see the video on the web link where Nimoy talks about Obama giving him the Vulcan salute? Or the Obama/Spock (in VP slot) t-shirts? First trekkie president...?

fresca said...

I hadn't seen that so I looked it up. Funny!

I gather Nimoy supports Obama.
But that doesn't mean Spock does. I'm still contend that he'd have preferred Hillary, since her Kirk-like "dog" energy so nicely balances his "cat."