Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Silly Kirk Video

I'm not ready to let this get buried under new posts, so let me give the youTube link to my first ever fanvid again:
"Don't Touch Jim's Flower"


Deanna said...

Love this! I grew up with Star Trek (and a terrier). You definitely seem on your way to somewhere.

fresca said...

Thanks, Deanna!
I love how you put it: on my way to somewhere. But where?!? : )
If only there had been terriers on ST it would have been perfect.

bink said...

In an upcoming movie making venture, you (we) should put a certain terrier into a Star Trek plot.
That would be perfect!

fresca said...

Bink: Yes!!! Let's make our own ST movie starring a certain terrier as captain!