Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vatican OKs Marriage to Klingons

By now, you've maybe all seen this article: "Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens", based on an interview with the director of the Vatican Observatory titled "The extraterrestrial is my brother."

Bink sent it to me saying, "Another reason being Catholic is still good..."

I say the Vatican director--who also said science, especially astronomy, does not contradict religion--is giving me another sign (from God!) that I should go mingle with aliens in Las Vegas--and maybe even marry one of them, since they wouldn't literally be my siblings, which would be illegal.

Speaking of which, I can't believe gay marriage isn't legal in Las Vegas, when everything else is--what a primo money maker that would be. This so unfairly limits my options, when I'll only have 4 days to find a Klingon to marry--who cares what sex one's alien spouse is?

(The Vatican speaks in the same humancentric limited way, you notice, about two-genders as a universal concept that the original ST does, but that's OK. You can't have everything all at once. Or you would go supernova.)

This article offers no help with my dilemma of what to wear to the con, however. Jenny 12 Frogs pins it to which generation uniform to wear, but that's the easy part:
for me there can be only one (Kirk & Spock's).
Sister says I should go as Uhura, but could I stand to run around in that skimpy outfit?

No, I don't really want to wear the actual Starfleet uniforms--maybe I could symbolize that era by wearing items of its original gold-blue-red hues.

Maybe wristlets! Carla told me about these knitted "wrist warmers" that are fashionable in certain circles. Well, maybe just among knitters? (I'm not actually a knitter myself, btw.) I could ask my knitting friends to design ST wristlets for me!

This all needs more thought.

Perhaps I should write to the pope. He likes dressing up.
As noted in DW-World's "The Vatican Goes Glossy":
"What the pope has done to red Prada shoes [pictured here, to the right] is what the cult US TV series Sex and the City did to Manolo Blahniks. It brought the world of high fashion closer to the common man."

Maybe that won't be much help, come to think of it: I expect to pay a ridiculous amount for this con, but not actually to cough up for a pair of Prada shoes, pretty though they are.


ddip said...

Ah, the boots I wanted and should have gotten in Amsterdam after the African safari were Prada! I still wish I'd bought them. At the price and exchange rate of those days (2-3 years ago), they were downright

bink said...

They don't need to be Prada, but I think aliens are attracted to red shoes. (Maybe the pope's shiny red shoes are really an extraterrestial beacon reaching out to the stars!)

Bookworm said...

If there are any ST related items/ accessories I can fashion for you from felt I am happy to make you something! Let me know..

fresca said...

Oh, Sister, I too still regret you didn't buy those Prada boots in the Amsterdam ariport! My favorite part of that story is that you were on the way back from safari in Botswana...but your true nature/love was revealed in the airport. I blame our father for talking you out of indulging in them.

Bookworm: Any ST felt item you feel inspired to fashion for me would be gratefuly received and worn! Actually, a felt IDIC would be cool---do you know them? It stands for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination, and it's a triangle wedging into a circle. It could stand a little jazzing up---hmmm...I could see it...

fresca said...

P.S. Bookworm--I keep checking for your first post on your "Bath Bookworm" blog!!! Go for it!

Bookworm said...

OK, an IDIC badge it is.

Also, you've made me do it. I was scared but now I've put up my first post. Let's see how it goes...

fresca said...

Fantastic, Bookworm!
I just read your posts, and you started with one of my all-time favorite kids' books, "The Wolves of Willoughby Chase" and the whole Dido Twite series.
Keep on going!