Monday, May 12, 2008

Star Trek Convention

From my birthday list of stuff to do:
2. Go to a Star Trek convention, before all the classic stars die. Buy badges and gadgets and wear/carry them home on public transportation.

Here's the biggie this summer:
Star Trek Las Vegas
Wednesday - Sunday, August 6 - 10, 2008

Vegas, baby! Vegas!
How can I pass this up, even though it's not exactly cheap ($149 just for the basic entry fee, not to mention air fare and hotel and all the money I know I'd spend on badges and gadgets)? There's even Star Trek bingo!

Looks like only Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols of the original series will be there. You can even pay to have your photo taken with them ($70/$40 respectively).
Bill Shatner won't be there. Is he pouting because he's not in the upcoming movie? It's his own fault for letting Kirk get killed off in a stupid Next Generation movie. (But I do think they should have brought him back anyway.)

I should go, right? I mean, this would be sooooooo bloggable...


Anonymous said...


Your Star Trek work is not quite complete. Beg, borrow, steal the $$$ and immerse yourself in S-T then.....back to do a Post!!!

jspad said...

Of course you have to go.

You might even have to get a twitter account so you can send out updates from the convention floor :)

fresca said...

Yes! You are RIGHT! Oh my.
Twitter would be a hoot. I need to get a blackBerry and everything!
Actually, this is all so out of my price range (given I'm barely employed), I will rely on pencil and paper (I think I can still master that technology...), and then write it up on my laptop in my room, I expect.
I am so excited!