Saturday, May 17, 2008

Relief, Part II

Gee, that was depressing to write [post below].
Now you know why I love the cheesy optimism of ST--it's a counterbalance to a childhood right out of French New Wave cinema.

For relief, I must immediately look again at the silly Star Trek take-off Kellie sent me, which presents the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" in lolcat kitty piggin.

Here's a frame from it:

[Translation: Kirk looking at the round fluffy tribbles says, "What the fuck? They're like..."]

Our parents didn't let us watch much TV, except for stuff like the Classic Movies series.
I am still making up for this deficit.

For another take-off, see also Shaenon Garrity's Trouble with Tribbles as adapted by Edward Gorey.


poodletail said...

(slaps forehead) Of course! The bee in your bonnet for ST totally makes sense now.

fresca said...

I guess it's not immediately obvious, the connection to Truffaut, eh? : )