Thursday, May 29, 2008

Parrot Dances to ST

Now I am in less of a foul mood than I was below because I just saw that Momo posted "Parrot Dances to Star Trek Voyager Theme". (Click if the embedded video doesn't show up, as it doesn't always on Safari.)

I have loved parrots even before I knew about Star Trek. When I was a really little kid, my parents had a small green parrot named Opopoporium, "Opo" for short. I have to ask my dad what that name meant.


ddip said...

Oh, God, this is delightful! I got all teary eyed with love for animals while I was chuckling at the humor of it. And to hear the videographers laughing themselves, esp at the end, just added to the pleasure. What a treasure!

poodletail said...

Thank you, thank you for posting this! I'll need to watch it every single day!

Anonymous said...

What is there about parrots that makes me (and everyone) delighted at their antics, their loyalty, their humor, and their intelligence.
the only parrot I knew personally was Leon, owned by a friend of mine. We all gathered at her house to gossip, laugh, drink coffee, and have fun. (We were all in our early twenties.) As we got louder, so did Leon, he would begin shouting things like "OH, REALLY!!, YOU'RE KIDDING!!....then he would laugh maniacally, louder and louder, then the laughter became just shrieks....and whistles..until he was put in the closet, covered with a blanket, and the door was shut. He still could be heard, and everyone but me complained what a terrible bird he was and how could Judy stand him. Silently I disagreed. I thought Leon imitated us all perfectly. A splendid bird with a marvelous sense of humor.

fresca said...

Here's my theory:
Parrots "R" Us.

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Dogs, cats, monkeys...dolphins and other animals that can be trained are no compare if you train a Parrot. A parrot has it's natural humor to make people cream and cry for laugh. Nice video!