Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not How I'm Feeling:

Sal sent this photo of "Sid Vicious resting in a beanie", from wombatcountry.com.
And Heidi is playing Stan Getz here at Bob's.

Nonetheless my blood pressure is still through the roof as I work on the final version of that religion book that caused me so much pain a few months ago:
Even after several people have gone over it, I'm still finding errors such as that Ramadan occurs in the fall.
Since Islam follow a lunar calendar, in fact, this holy month moves around the seasons over time. This may not be common knowledge in the USA, but how can you write a whole book on religion and not cotton on to it? Oy! This is the same author who wrote that Shiva is a she.

Why does this stuff bother me so much?
Well, seeing things you love mangled and muddled always causes distress.
I am practicing my calm breathing, thinking of the Girl from Ipanema, and channeling the spirit of baby wombats, like Sid here. And trying, once again, to help this bad book.
Back to work.

(Heidi just recommended Sia's "Buttons" on youTube, which looks more like how I feel when I work on stuff like this: as if my head is stuffed into an onion bag, specifically.
Like wombats, Sia is from Australia.
Um, no, watching youTube and chatting with the beautiful barista doesn't count as work.)


Anonymous said...

OH, OH, OHHHH!!! I want one. . .I want one.....isn't he precious. Why is his name Sid Vicious? (I better go out and click on the prompt) And there's a Wombat site. WOW, how marvelous. Right away I'm going to check and see if there is a bandicoot site. Oh, please, let there be one, I want to see a baby bandicoot more than anything this morning.....

And you are suffering!!!! Sounds like by evening you'll be ready for a VT with Lemon. You know whee to come.....

momo said...

I have to turn in my grades by 4 PM. Instead, I'm reading about Sia's snaggle tooth and looking at Cute Overload where there is also a picture of this wombat.
And Slate has a special issue on procrastination! Which we will read after we finish working, yes?

bink said...

OMG! Sid is cute! But Noddy (click on link) is just as cute...the one where he's got his tongue out and the one where he's being held upside down.
You were right when you said I would have to scream because of their cuteness!

Rudyinparis said...

Did anyone else notice the caption about echidnas, that says that their rear feet face backwards? That's a head scratcher to me. Seems like something out of a Kafka story.

I want a wombat! They have seizure-inducing cuteness.

ddip said...

This is just what Miko looked like last night snuggled up on my lap watching MTM together!

Your discomfort with the religion book reminds me of how horrified Katie (the dog) was last night as we walked around the lake. When she heard a high-school trumpet soloist at the bandshell literally squeaking out a Miles Davis tune, her ears went back and her tale went right between her legs. You could just hear her thinking "Oy vey, get me OUTTA here!"

fresca said...

BN: Sid Vicious was the lead of the punk band the Sex Pistols, so I assume the name is ironic.

M: Oh, I bet Sal got this from Cute Overload originally, since she has it on her blogroll. I've never looked at it, and probably shouldn't:
I'm at risk for pain-from-cuteness seizures!

R: Echidnas have their feet on backward? WTF? I'll have to look. How could they be backward?

Sister: Oh, smart Katie! She's lucky she doesn't work in publishing!