Saturday, May 31, 2008

"marvelous malarkey"

My father just alerted me to an obituary for Alexander Courage; Composed Theme to TV Show 'Star Trek'. Mr. Courage, who died today, had said that the theme was "marvelous malarkey," which seems spot-on to me.

What cheers me is that my dad's the third person who's sent me a Star Trek tidbit this rather dreadful week.
[News flash--make that four!]
(Plus Kellie e-mailed that Serenity, the Firefly movie, is playing at the Riverview this June 19-21.)

Btw, I would hereby like, for future reference, to formally request a troupe of parrots dancing to the original Star Trek theme at my funeral.

[Image, ©2008 Mark Stafford, from the nonprofit Parrots International, which offers, among other things, information about the largest annual parrot conservation convention in the world.]

Maybe I should broaden my convention-going and see if anyone has cornered the rental market in dancing-parrot-troupes for funerals.
Just think--they could wear little Star Trek outfits--or whatever the bereaved (or deceased) wants.


Anonymous said...

You better check my blog, too. I did a quick post to cheer you up.

ddip said...

Yes, our father sent me an email about Courage's obituary too!

fresca said...

Thanks, Barrett!

Sister: I guess you are "sistered" in.

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