Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rattle My Bones

Every coffee shops holds a lot of stories, and at Bob's motorcycle coffee shop, a lot of the stories involve accidents.

This morning at Bob's, regular patron Jac told me about getting run over by a car last fall, when he was 63.
He'd started to cross an intersection in front of the car, which speeded up to get ahead of him, but ended up knocking him down. He saw the rear tire coming at him and thought it was all over, but instead it ran over his left shoulder.
I went outside with him so he could show me his scraped up helmet (below).

The accident put Jac in the hospital for 12 days.
"I didn't want visitors," he said. "I just wanted to rest. I watched a lot of cable TV--I don't have that at home. The same year, I had cancer and chemo, and then I had a heart attack."

Having passed his 64th birthday this May, Jac's hoping for a better year.
He can't raise his left arm above his head, but he can bike, and he's planning on riding to Sturgess, South Dakota, as usual, for the huge, annual bike rally there, the first week of August.
Last year he rode a scooter there. It took two days, going 23 mph on backroads, to cover the 500 miles.

Jac has four motorcyles. Below is the one he got hit on: a 1971 Honda CB100.
The helmet's dangling tag reads "Rattle My Bones"--the name of a local motorscooter rally.

Me, I ride a bicycle. Trek, of course.

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