Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zim: "Strong Hearts and Sturdy Backs"

The election debacle in Zimbabwe continues.
[Protest pictured to left is in London, UK.]
My British friend Anna sent me this link to the Guardian's
update on Zimbabwe.

Anna writes: " I don't know if you knew, but the BBC are banned from Zimbabwe b/c of their 'unfavourable' reporting of Mugabe over the years...long before anyone in the rest of the world cared. The BBC have always to their credit covered the news there, regardless of access."

The elections in Zimbabwe may creepily remind us in the U.S. of our own 2000 elections: the party that won the most votes is struggling to get their victory validated. May they achieve a better result than the Democrats did.
The leader of the opposition party, Morgan Tsvangirai writes:
"Democracy is an orphan in Zimbabwe.
"Once again, Robert Mugabe and his cronies are attempting to maintain their grip on power in Zimbabwe. While disheartening, this act of political thuggery does not diminish the victory of democracy over dictatorship in a country ravaged by misrule and ignorance. Ultimately, this is a victory for the strong hearts and sturdy backs that have carried us here: a victory for all Zimbabweans."

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