Saturday, April 26, 2008

My First LOLcat!

This is a real picture of Henry, off Barrett's desktop! And I'm pretty sure it's his real sentiment too, for all the trouble he put me through (see below).
You can make your own LOLcat at I Can Has Cheezburger's LOL Builder.


Krista said...

Clearly, my work here is done.

fresca said...

I agree, it's most impressive, but I am not a Jedi yet!

bink said...

Okay, I'm out of it...but what does SRY mean?

(by the way, I tried the lolcat site but my computer slowed down so much I had to force quit to get out...does that site load a lot of cookies with it or was it just my bad luck?)

fresca said...

I should have given a translation!
"SRY"= "Sorry"
Krista showed me the LOLcat site only last week, so I'm new to it to (though probably we've all seen them). LOLcat language is partly familiar from instant messaging, too, like LOL= "laugh out loud."
One thing that strikes me as cuirous is that while there are LOLdogs too, they just aren't as funny as cats...or, as Kellie points out, as walruses!
What makes one animal more suited to this kind of thing than another?