Sunday, April 6, 2008

Laughing in the Afternoon, over Drinks

I am sitting at the local Irish pub with Stefanie, and we are engaging in B.A.B. (biologically advantageous behavior; see post below): laughter. Over martinis.

Stefanie has a thought:
We are together over martinis--yes--except mine is really a Bloody Mary--which is my pragmatic health nut mom way of justifying alcohol consumption--it's like a meal or a good nosh in itself--what with the tomato juice, the celery salts, the pickled wonderments on a stick--(even if it's a campy plastic sword!)--and, being as they're on a stick, though not deep-fried--it puts me in touch with my adult Minnesotan roots.

So, since alcohol and pickled things are on my list of foods to avoid with my eat-for-your-blood-type diet--(I'm O!)--it involves much justifying to jump on the Bloody Mary "wagon", but not inordinate amounts of persuasion. And besides, as a womynist social lubricant, it is a key to B.A.B.!!

And Fresca adds:
Right, and the lemon rind in my martini makes this a Vitamin-C delight.

P.S. Heavens! Our barmaid just came over and saw our Martini wench image, and told us that she is a burlesque performer! She performs with Lili's Burlesque.

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