Friday, April 18, 2008

Barrett's Blogging Ditty

Barrett wrote this hortatory poem when I was torn between taxes and blogging:

Oh blog, blog, blog away the day:
blog so hard your eyeballs droop,
research so long your brain turns to soup!
Proust and Firefly, Star Trek, Job Ramble;
what in life's not a gamble?
So blog today, blog tomorrow,
when you run out of money...
you can beg, steal and borrow!
Keep on blogging, don't finish those taxes,
the world still will turn on its axis,
and no one will wonder if you're under hypnosis,
or suffer the blogger's brand of psychosis!
Whatever the verdict, just reach up higher,
always paying attention to all you desire.

But now I have accepted several short proofing/indexing projects and won't be able to follow her excellent advice.

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