Saturday, March 8, 2008

What Catholics Really Do

Heaven forbid I should misrepresent the Catholic Church in posts [below] like "Is Kirk Catholic?"
If you went to the Catholic Church looking for a range of kinky playmates, as Dan Savage practically promises, you might well be disappointed, based, at least, on my observations. What I've witnessed is that repression--political or spiritual--works as a soporific on people; it doesn't enliven them, even in perverted or artsy ways.*

We American Catholics may be deprived of sexual and gender freedom and justice; but we're sure not lacking for food. Fridays during Lent are so-called fast days, which means you should "only" eat only two light meals + a simple dinner. Meatless, of course. If you go to Friday night fish dinners in a church basement, as I did last night (above), it's not such a heavy penance.
And if it's games you're looking for, there's Bingo afterward.

*(Sleeping is not the same as dead. Recent agitation in a small part of the Church locally [see Wild Reed] comes in response to the hierarchy turning the heat up so high and so quickly that it woke up the frog in the pot of water. Possibly a foolish move, on the hierarchy's part, unless they wanted the frog to jump out of the pot, which is not inconceivable.)

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