Wednesday, March 12, 2008

(One little condom-bra post won't count.)

This is a knitted bra w/ pouch, created by Lisa Daehlin (Lace & Tea in NYC).
Her witty knitting instructions can be found here. Lisa notes that though this was "designed to carry a condom or five [i]t will also accommodate a credit card or a small cell phone." (I imagine the Star Trek ladies used these, since they didn't have pockets.)

She created it for the Condom Amulet Project, a project inspired by the fact that, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of Americans over 50 who are infected with HIV have grown over 5 times (16,300 people in 1995, to 90,600 in 2003). Women who no longer use birth control after menopause still need to practice safe sex.

There. Now back to work.


naomi dagen bloom said...

how very exciting to find lisa's condom amulet bra HERE, in minnesota, the place unknown to new yorkers outside of "prarie home companion." and al frank--btw--what IS happening with his run for office?

thank you so much for taking our very manhattan notion (one of our contributors is in iowa,) to this visibility on your delightful blog.

thank you, thank you, naomi

fresca said...

Thanks for your kind words, Naomi! I love your project.

Mr. Franken is indeed still running for senate, and since his main Democratic comeptitor, Mike Ciresi, just dropped out this week, he stands a good chance to win the nomination. Most of my pol friends prefer Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer (college prof, peacenik), but he's a bit of a long shot . Still anyone's better than Senator Coleman.
As for MN: surely you know Prince too!?! : )