Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sometimes it pays to be brave...

Sometimes it pays to be brave, as I was when I wrote to Mark Simpson--the man credited with first using the word "metrosexual" in print (1994, ten years earlier than I ever heard it)--and included my "Capt. Kirk's Parted Lips" yesterday, in thanks for his article "Capt. Kirk's Bulging Trousers". He posted my comment with my article on his blog, along with his reply:

Dear Fresca,

Thanks very much for reassuring me that I’m not completely mad. Or that, at least, I’m in good company.

Ta also for saying that my piece on ST is the funniest one out there - I think your article is much funnier than mine, and I can’t believe that I missed those parted lips and high heel boots - or the fact that Shatner looked like Shelley Winters!


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