Tuesday, March 18, 2008

creative commons/Trekless

Photo courtesy of TCM Hitchhiker on Flickr, with comment: "I could never kill my man William Shatner, but I found this shirt too hilarious not to purchase...."*

(Have you noticed I haven't mentioned Star Trek: TOS for days and days? That's because I'm in mourning, having watched the last episode about a week ago. When I recover somewhat, I will at least compile my Ten Best/Ten Best Worst Episodes list.)

Hitchhiker's photos come with a handy-dandy license/code from creative commons, which is a free site where bloggers/photographers can get a code to put on their site saying if others can use their stuff, and under what conditions, e.g. must attribute source, cannot charge for it, etc.
(Thanks, Krista, for pointing this out to me.)

*(Um, just in case...let me add, this is a take off on the "Kill Bill" movies.)


Angela said...

Hi Fresca, it's William Shatner's Birthday on Saturday! We created a group birthday card for him. It would be great if you signed it and posted the link on your site. I'm sure he'd love to hear from all his fans. We will be sending the final card to him on the 22nd.

Click here...


fresca said...

What a hoot, Angela! I signed your card = first time I've ever wished a Star happy birthday. Thanks.