Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who Would Kirk Vote For?

Barrett sent me a link to a youTube video, "Who Would Kirk Vote For?" It boils down to the plastic Kirk figure speaking from his heart for the hopeful Obama, and Spock from his logic for the experienced Clinton.

No. Here's how I see it:
Kirk is a military man; he would vote for McCain.
Spock would vote for the rational man, Nader.
It's McCoy, the sentimenalist, who would fall for Obama.

And who would vote for Hillary?
Scotty! Because she knows how to keep the engines running.


bink said...

I agree that Kirk would go for McCain and Bones for Obama...but I think Spock would go for Clinton over Nader. Maybe I'm wrong, but while Nader is rational, I think there is an edge of passion to him that Spock wouldn't like. Plus I think the point of Spock's voting would be to elect someone--not to make a statement--so I think he would view Clinton as the most electable, rational candidate.

fresca said...

You know, I wondered about that too, Bink. I actually think Spock would like Nader's passion; but would he view voting as an exercise in truth-telling or a pragmatic social exercise? I'm not sure--and I'm not sure where I fall on this, either--but since I live in a state that always goes Democratic, I usually feel free to vote my conscience in the Nov. presidential elections. If I lived in a swing state, I would feel more torn. Where does Spock live? : )