Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where I'm Working, 2

Done housesitting my sister's but still housesitting L&M's (above, you can see my Kirk screensaver) for three more days. I finished my Libya project yesterday and don't start on Armenia until tomorrow, so I am free for 48 hours to research Star Trek to my heart's content.

I've put off reading serious analysis of the ST phenomenon because I wanted to come to my own conclusions, but I've started to look into academic journals and the like. Many of them I'll have to request through interlibrary loan. I will write up some of my own thoughts first, so I know where I started.

This is not exactly what I imagined doing on sabbatical, but it's extremely satisfying--it calls on my background in religious studies, literature, and history. I feel my limitations in American popular culture a bit, though. I haven't owned a TV in ten years, for instance, though I've always taken in a lot of movies. Popular culture is the sea we swim in, though, so I absorb more than I even know.

I am in a different neighborhood, and in the mornings I go here:

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