Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stir into Flame

"Remember to stir into flame the gifts of God...." 2 Timothy 1:6.
Goauche and collage material, 2004.
I used to make art regularly (like the piece above), in fact, I used to call myself an artist; but I've barely made any in several years.
Trying to write about Spirit, however, makes me want to get out my paint and glue and papers and get at it again.

BTW, today Peggy Whitson (NASA bio) celebrates her 48th birthday, orbiting Earth at 17,210 miles per hour, on the International Space Station (ISS).
A NASA astronaut and biochemist, Whitson is the first female commander of the ISS.
Like Capt. Kirk, she is from Iowa.


barrett said...

I looked here earlier (before you'd "taken ownership") and thought what a beautiful, almost stunning piece of art the collage was. Do more!! show more!!

fresca said...

Thanks Barrett! YOU TOO!