Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Site Maintenance

The Unstrung Harp; or, Mr. Earbrass Writes a Novel, (1953, click on link to read entire little book), by Edward Gorey, is one of the funniest and truest depictions ever of the nauseating work of editing/revising one's writing.
Though we no longer employ actual ink, scissors, and paste, we may still resort to the sherry.

Inspired by Daily Blog Tips' advice to do site maintenance, I've started to do some general clean up on Gugeo.

For instance, I just added ABBA and NIN to my list of Favorite Music--a nice little pair of palindromes that reflects my Piscean nature (one fish goes one way, one the other).

What Spock thinks of ABBA (43 sec.):

And you see I figured out today how to embed YouTube videos, so I added some of those too.

I also went back to my second post, Magpie Call. Because when I wrote it I didn't yet know how to create a link, (I was using Safari, which did not show all the composing options--since then I have switched to Firefox), I had copied out the url for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's magpie page.
Download Firefox at:

While I was double-checking the Cornell url, to make the link live, I found this fun fact:
"Magpie pairs spend up to 40 days making their large nests, but only spend about 1% of their daily energy expenditure on the task. Laying eggs, on the other hand, takes 23% of the female's daily energy budget."

I'm not interested in the sexes' division of labor here, I'm thinking more about how much energy one can spend on blogging. Is it more like making nests (1%) or laying eggs (23%)?

For me, it depends on many things:
most obviously, time and personal energy available.
But it also depends on what time I count as maintenance. The other night I dreamed about blogging--does that count? And do I count all the hours I've spent...shall we say "researching" on YouTube?

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