Friday, February 1, 2008


Last night I watched the "Metamorphosis" episode of Star Trek.
As I enter the second season, I'm getting a little fed up with the show.
Does Kirk get more bellicose as the series goes on, or do I just cut him less slack as the honeymoon fades?
Seems he acts more and more like a pig-dog, but Spock's character has developed so I remember why I loved him so much in high school.

Anyway, this episode is good, despite Kirk acting like a demented Boy Scout.

Our guys get stranded on a planet where they find a human man from 150 years ago. An electric, bodyless being the man calls the Companion has been taking care of him and sustained him all this time. In order to communicate--wordlessly--the Companion envelopes the man in a cloud of pulsating light.
When Spock comments to the man that obviously the Companion loves him like a lover, the man freaks out.

He says it's disgusting that all these years he let the Companion enter him. Is this what men of the future are like, he asks, that they think this kind of love is OK? Do they have no moral sense of right and wrong?
And he goes rushing out of the building.

In one of the best S-T moments ever, Spock cocks his head, raises one eyebrow, and comments,
"Fascinating. A truly parochial attitude."

Ah, sweet. Sometimes one doesn't feel so alone in the universe.

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