Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where We're From, II: Lebanon/New York

This is Maura's Lebanese grandmother Josephine, in 1920. Josephine always made much of her Phoenician heritage. The Phoenicians were intrepid Mediterranean explorers and traders, and you can see Josephine was starship-grade material.
She died in 2007, shortly before her 103rd birthday.
Maura inherited some of her grandmother's directness and sparkle––and her recipe for baba ganoush [to follow, I hope]. Maura blogs on helloWorld:

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Maura Lynch said...

Well, here I am in your blog---a place of honor---thank you F-cheska.
Josephine, my grandmother whom we affectionately called "Dree Dree" (derivation undetermined) is really something else in this photo, isn't she? One spicy 'fonikian' babe I think (fonikian being the literal pronounciation I had for phoenician as a child---why not?!).
I'll have to think about the buba recipe though, because, being like Dree, it just floats around in my head. What kind of a question is 'what's the recipe for that?' anyway:) What IS a recipe, in fact? Buba is just some of this and some of that and, you know, just the right amount of the next thing, get it?!:) Anyone interested in a couple of Dree Dree blogs can see them for June July, and Aug 07 at my link F. gave.
Very truly yours,
Your proud Fonikian friend, Maura