Monday, February 11, 2008

A gold star, maybe?

P.S. Isn't there some sort of blog award given for quoting Trent Reznor, Alan Greenspan, and Mr. Spock all in the same post [below]?


barrett said...

Commendations!! For the article. I even listened to the video. This has opened up a whole dialogue for me (in my mind) If the author of a video, song, book, gives it to a company for distribution (and signs a contract), of course the company needs to get paid for it's efforts and costs. In that case I don't think 'stealing' is right. If creators want to give away their stuff to the general public for free, that's great. Why didn't Hoffman and Reznor begin by giving away their books, songs? Why. . .because they need money to live just like everybody else. And it seems to me that their saying "steal it" stinks of bad karma.

fresca said...

Tricky stuff, eh?
It's like civil disobedience, a la Martin Luther King:
when is it justified to challenge injustice by breaking laws?