Monday, January 21, 2008

Approaching Full Wolf Moon

An enhanced photo taken using two NSF telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory. The Moon is superimposed on a separate image of the sky. Photo from among the many beautiful ones at
Full Moon Fever.

The Algonquin peoples, who lived from New England west to Lake Superior, named each month by its full moon.
Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, Jan. 22, we enter the month of the Wolf Moon, at 7:35 a.m. CST.

Its name comes from the wolf packs howling hungrily outside villages, in the lean and cold midwinter.

Here is a list of the Algonquin full moon names, and their dates and times for 2008:
Full Moon Names 2008


bink said...

Of course my birthday falls in the predictable "harvest moon" month...but I see your birthday only missed "full worm moon" month by a few maybe your actual birthday falls on "half worm moon"! As long as the worm was only accidently cut in half--and can regenerate-- it's a good sign for a birthday.

fresca said...

Half a worm is better than no worm!