Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Thoughts on the Weight of Grievous Responsibilities

I was thinking why I was impressed by the bridge inspector feeling sick after the bridge collapsed. Why should that impress me? It should be the normal reaction.

I'm afraid that after almost five years of war, I've gotten used to public figures who don't seem to care when people die because of their decisions.

Have you looked at the series of photos of Abraham Lincoln taken over the span of his presidency by Mathew Brady and other photographers? They show that during the Civil War, the man--a real warmonger--got more and more haggard, until grief and responsibility ravaged his face.
Which is how it should be, surely.

How can one send people to fight, kill, and die, even for the best reasons, and still look like a boy golf caddy?


bink said...

you sure nailed it with the last line.

fresca said...

Thanks. Sad, eh?

poodletail said...

He is Alfred E. Newman: "What? Me Worry?"

fresca said...

Too sad. Too true... Sigh.