Monday, January 7, 2008

Sal's Boots

I just had lunch with Sally, author of this blog:
Already Pretty

She not only showed me the html to make a live link (for some reason blogger does not display on my computer all the options that show on other computers*), but she hopped up onto a low concrete wall so I could photograph her gorgeous boots against the backdrop of prarie grass in winter. Oh so aesthetic.

(If you are attuned to such things, you can see it's warm today. About 38 degrees--practically a heat wave--hence the wet concrete.)

With my new camera, I may become a pest to my friends as I take photos of various bits of their lives...
I'm still getting headaches trying to figure out iPhoto though.
Let me know if you can or cannot see certain images, OK?

*Well, shoot. Sally recommend I download Firefox and use that instead of Safari, which she says is notoriously buggy.
And bingo: blogger now displays all the handy-dandy little doohickeys so I can bold, italicize, link, etc. without writing html! You are a goddess, Sally, and not just 'cause of your boots!


bink said...

fab picture! it looks like a fashion shoot!
I can see the bookcase picture now too.

Sal said...

Hope you don't mind, Fresca, but I stole your photo and put it on MY blog, too! We are like mirrors ...