Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog, blog, blahg

"Blog writing is id writing—grandiose, dreamy, private, free-associative, infantile, sexy, petty, dirty. Whether bloggers tell the truth or really are who they claim to be is another matter, but WTF. They are what they write. And you can't fake that."
--Sarah Boxer,
from her article "Blogs"
The New York Review of Books, February 14, 2008
(The NYROB must time travel, as we in this space/time continuum have not yet entered February 2008.)

Read the whole thing here:

I found it through the blog Momo, recommended by Thinkery.

As I am proving to myself today (3 posts-worth), blogging is also the best way to put off doing some work you reeeeeally don't want to do. In my case, getting back to trying to untangle the spirituality ms. I tell myself, at least if I'm blogging, my brain is engaged.
Or at least my id is.

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