Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To See and to Believe

Tengo de todo para ver y creer
para odiar y no creer
y muchas veches me encuentro solitario llorando
en el umbral de la vida.

I have all I need to see and to believe,
or to hate and disbelieve,
and many times I find myself alone crying
on the doorstep of life.

Tonight my neighbor and friend Jenise copied out these lines for me, written by an Argentinian poet whose name I cannot find and sung by different people as part of the lyrics to the song "Las Colina de la Vida."

She quoted them to me when I said that I always and only give creedence to people who speak of hope when they also acknowledge how dark life is.
Any philosophy of belief worth anything must square with the Holocaust.
(Which Holcoaust? Take your pick.)

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