Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From Being Annoyed to Being Amused

Just had coffee with my pal John S. I've known for twenty years, from the Catholic church I used to go to. I was telling him about try, try, trying again to find a way to work well, even be happy with groups. 

He said, 
"I try to find a bridge from being annoyed to being amused."

Ha. That's a really helpful way of framing it.
He also said that he thought I was not as prone to annoyance as some. He probably thinks this because he is very annoying (just a fact), and I am still his friend. 

Not sure that's a good indicator, but I'll take it. 

At any rate, I know I'm not unusual in finding groups annoying and conflict difficult! Sometimes I go on so much on my blog about feeling resentful and annoyed, I think I must sound way more touchy and unpleasant than I am! I think I'm probably pretty normal.

John was entirely unimpressed with my idea that we may need to step up to help one another more in the coming Trump years. 
He practically rolled his eyes, "We always need to help one another."

Of course he's right---the need for help always far outweighs the help on offer. But sometimes the balance tips one way or another. Or sometimes you just see the need more clearly. Those are good times to act.

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