Tuesday, November 3, 2009

365: The Good Citizen

I didn't want to go vote. It was raining. It was dark. It's just a primary election for dog catcher. But I remembered those Finns on skis and I thought, Come on! Even a Moomin could do this. So I grabbed my umbrella and I did it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Honey! No, this wasn't a primary, but a "real" election. I won't vote, anymore, myself; my political energies I am putting to use elsewise. I'm pretty sure with instant runoff voting, there's no longer a "need" for primaries--at least for elections in which voters have the option of instant runoff.
I appreciate your humor and fortitude in the existential gloom to get out there and act as if you're participating in a democracy.

Love Rage Revolution and Solidarity!


fresca said...

Oh. Right.
Not a primary.
What a political dolt I am...
But hey, I can name the president AND the prime minister of Finland.

The new instant runoff/ranked voting is great---about time too.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't think u r a political dolt--(whether or not you can name the pres 'n' p. m. of Finland and all those other countries you have learned and taught more about than most folks). However, I can name quite a few in so-called "leadership" positions that are dolts of many stripes. But, I won't do that here. Doesn't that make you happy!?
Speaking of happy, I'm happy you're happy with IRV...and I'm happy I began to use my light box to prevent SAD this very a. And, yes, I did think of Finns as I moaned about pushing myself to wake and keep my eyes open for the extra 20 minutes of darkness to take in the full spectrum. Finn/Light therapy--aaaahhh!