Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finnish Design and My Old Sweaters

[When I say I'm not blogging this week as I finish Finland, it seems I merely mean I'm not spending five hours compiling a post.]

From my old List of Stuff to Do:
25. Turn my ratty old wool sweaters into felt and make mittens with it.

I did felt a couple of my old sweaters last winter--by washing them in soapy, hot water. Then I decided I'd rather turn them into stuffed monster toys, with button eyes (I have a small cigar box of old pearl and bone buttons); but I didn't do anything toward that end.

Well, now Finland has nudged me to do something.
A few month ago I compared Finnish designer Alvar Aalto's famous wavy-edged vase to a Star Trek entity, the Companion (here).
Yesterday as I was walking around the lake, with Finland on my mind, it came to me: I will make felt Companion dolls in the shape of the local lakes (left), like Aalto's vase.

Moomin was as inspiring as Aalto.
Here he is frolicing on a frozen postage stamp, with Little My.
I feel like a mix of the two of these characters---the sweet-hearted Moomin and the crab cake Little My.And... are those herring?

[more (but not all) Moomin postage stamps at Literary Stamps]


Nancy said...

I made a stuffed doll as a kid. It was a satisfying project. I was quite fond of her, though she was very peculiar looking. Your mother of pearl and bone buttons look very inspiring.

fresca said...

Peculiar looking---that is my projection for my efforts too! : )