Monday, September 7, 2009

Working on Labor Day

Bill is smokin'.
And I am working hard.


Everyone else is off fishing, and I'm sitting here at the computer writing an index, which is entirely my fault since I had all weekend to do it, and didn't.

To keep me company and to prolong the time I have to sit here, I went looking for pictures of Baby Captain Kirk.

I see pix of the young William Shatner on other people's sites now and again, and I finally tracked down a cache of 300 (the boy's not shy), mostly pre-Star Trek photos here: Inconceivably, ANOTHER fawning Star Trek fansite... (scroll to the bottom).

And some more here: "Shatnerjacking", posted on ONTD Star Trek*, which is a LJ (Live Journal) fan community that started after the Star Trek reboot this past spring.
Interesting to see the new fillies. Very fast out of the gate indeed.
A bit of Netspeak I had to look up on Urban Dictionary:

*ONTD: Short for "Oh No They Didn't," a gossiping LiveJournal community that posts about celebrities...."

GQMF: An acronym for "GQ mother fucker," referring to actors that are physically attractive enough to grace the cover of GQ magazine. The internet has decided that GQMF refers specifically to the lead actors in Star Trek: 2009 (Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, aka ZQMF).
"The term is ubiquitous at the livejournal community ontd_startrek, where it has now become a means of referring to the members of that community, despite the statistical improbability that any of those people are even close to GQMF status."


deanna said...

Thanks for the vocabulary tutorial. Hope the work got done.

Fresca said...

Eventually... : )

Admin said...

Just as an FYI!

GQMF refers to anyone associated with anything Star Trek, old or new; it could also be associated with members of the community itself.

Just a helpful hint from a GQMF!

-lifebehindadesk, member of ONTD_StarTrek

fresca said...

Hey, cool! Thanks for the tip: I guess that makes me a GQMF too! An improvement, perhaps, on "Trekkie."

Jennifer said...

Oh, fans are very, very fast out of the gate indeed these days. I've seen people pick favorite characters and pairings based solely on promotional stills, lol. Staying power? That seems a little more rare, as always... The new movie has the best of both--GQMF actors with the weight of a massive canon behind them. It's like catnip. :)

Fresca said...

Hi, Jen!
Let's get together and see how the reboot looks in 40 years, OK? (I'll be 88!)