Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Frightened by Furniture

The delivery guy for the thrift store, Eddie, and I loaded my new teak bookshelves (there are two) and my 1960s floor lamp into Eddie’s van and took them to Apartment 320 (my new place) today. 

I love it all, entirely! but I feel a bit overwhelmed by the new furniture—almost frightened… Does this make sense to anyone?

No, but I do love it. I just need to settle in with it, get to know one another. Set the shelves right-side up in the case, and set up the other bookcase too. I’m a little startled to own such excellent furniture. Most of the time I was working at the store, I had no room for any new furnishings so I just didn’t think about the possibility.


gz said...

You are steadily building a beautiful home xx

Tororo said...

What a cozy reading corner! Perfect for winter evenings.

Fresca said...

Thanks, GZ and Tororo. I have recovered from the shock of the new and am just enjoying the new furniture.