Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On the Bookshelf


Red Hair Girl to Kelvin the Cosmonaut: Hey, whatcha reading?

As It Happened...

Kelvin was standing in front of the spine of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, a copy that I'd nabbed for its illustrations from the trash at Goodwill. 
Red Hair Girl was up on the same bookshelf––still dressed by Botticelli.
I opened the book up, and the rest unfolded. 
Red Hair Girl is a curious child.

[Obviously this all comes from me, but it doesn't particularly feel that way.]

A New 365?

One of the things that surprised me about doing eBay was how much I liked the challenge of photographing objects (not nature or people).

In 2009 (!) I'd tried a 365 self-portrait project. I got bored after 80 days--I wasn't wanting and willing to make my physical self my own art project, so it was self-limiting. 

I'm thinking of starting a 365 Toy Photography project... Toys might hold my interest longer--and also they might push me to experiment more with the technical side of photography---esp. lighting.
Also things like lenses and camera settings. I know nothing of these--I just shoot on Automatic.

I wouldn't be strict about doing it daily (because I know myself), and I wouldn't post unless the photos were worth it,
but doing a toy-photography-365 would be a welcome push, or permission slip, to go outside into the world---and see it from toy-eye level. 
Toy photography. Another way to be a visitor in one's own city.

What's that? 
I've said I'm supposed to be job hunting? 
Yes, I am supposed to, and I am. Or I will be, anyway:
I have an appointment with a job coach next week. Would someone pay me to herd thrift and play with toys?

That's another reason to start a 365 project--it could be a buoy in the slough of despond.

P.S. I laughed when I went back and read this.
You want to start a 365 toy photography project, Fresca?
What do you think you've been doing?


Bink said...

You may have been doing 365 already, but please feel free to continue. Your toy photos are great!

Fresca said...

Thanks! I will continue.