Friday, October 6, 2017

For Michael: Bob & Timmy & Lassie

Michael at Orange Crate Art has written another hilarious Timmy and Lassie fanfiction: "The Poet", featuring a Famous American Poet!

In solidarity, I present Bob & Timmy & Lassie:

[photo collage by me--
and here's another one by me, featuring Julia Child]

Robert Frost sitting on a wall here


Michael Leddy said...

Fresca, I love it!

Fresca said...

An exclamation point, even, Michael!

I'm glad I was able to find three photos that merged together pretty easily--it's like Timmy & Mr. Frost truly inhabited the same world...

bink said...

This is a great photo--I'd believe it--and the stories are very fun to read and true to form.