Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Artie & Jan" T-shirt (by Marz)

Marz drew this picture of her former roommates' dogs, Artie & Jan, and they (the roommates) turned it into a T-shirt:

Marz says she wants to get married. 

"Who will you marry?" I ask.

"That's the question... " she said. "I'm looking for an esoteric playmate--a Scorpio-anchored Leo to go to the demolition derby with---and they're not just humoring me either. I want them to be the sort of person who if I throw food at them, they'd throw it back at me. I think they'd have to be someone who uses the word maybe --if you present an idea to them, they'd be like, "Oh... maybe," and of course they have to have their own ideas.

On second thought they really couldn't be a Leo to put up with me..."

Marz reads this and says, "This sounds hopeless. I don't expect to marry."


Bink said...

Fun t-shirt!

Frex said...

I want one.