Sunday, November 13, 2016

Safety Pins

I painted twenty safety pins this morning, with real pins attached, to leave around for people to take as a symbol of support and safety for all people threatened by the election. (It's a long list.)

I'm humbled by how hard it was to paint these everyday objects.

Marz at the March

Marz e-mailed me yesterday about going to an anti-Trump protest:
"I went to the protest last night. There were a lot of people. Thousands, I think the news said. 

"We marched through the West Bank and a lot of Somali people came out on the sidewalk to wave and cheer.
A car full of Somali women who were stuck in the traffic were literally bouncing on their seats and clapping. We passed a Somali man in his car who rolled down his windows to give a thumbs up and he was crying.

"One man was there with his teenage daughter who was carrying a rainbow flag. He had a sign that said 'Keep your hands off my daughter and my daughter's future!' It was written in the most mild font, and it took him a couple miles before he would join in any of the chants.
I don't think it was his typical scene, which made it all the more moving that he showed up. "

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